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More on the Kevin Ware story

Lisa Junior (mom)/Kevin Ware

Kevin Ware has been the story for the past few days, breaking his leg in the Duke game on national TV and then receiving well wishes and encouragement for thousands of people from all over. The main focus of the Louisville basketball team will switch back to basketball this week with Ware traveling to Atlanta with his team for the Final Four. Here are a few quotes from Wednesday:

Kevin Ware QUOTES On the injury: "Its kind of insane because we played Duke in the Bahamas and the exact same play happened with the exact same player, it was just on the opposite side of the court. When I went to contest his shot, it was like I always do. I kind of joked a bit that I should have blocked his shot because I jumped so high. I guess I just landed wrong and I didn't know where I was... Recommended Stories

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